This Service Users Charter explains what we do, how we provide our service and our service commitments to our clients.

What NHCS does

We provide a service to the elderly, to assist families in times of illness and stress and to nurture and enable the vulnerable to maintain dignity and quality of life in their own homes and community.

Operating within a designated area of North Dublin and subject to the resources available to us, the aim of the NHCS is to provide quality home help and care at home in the form of support with the tasks of everyday living, to individual clients of all ages, and families who, because of infirmity, frailty, disability or special circumstances, need such care to maintain a quality of life that might otherwise be beyond their ability to sustain.

Our ethos is to embrace a holistic approach to caring in a professional, compassionate and pleasant way that fully respects each person’s individuality, dignity and privacy, while at the same time encouraging those that we help to help themselves so as to promote independence.

In providing these services, we aim to work closely with the Health Services Executive and other caring agencies so as to ensure that servicing the individual needs of our clients remains our first priority.

Our Service Commitment

Our services are organised to ensure equity of access to our home care services. We treat people with dignity, respect and compassion. We respect diversity of culture, beliefs and values. We provide services with competence, skill and care in a safe environment, delivered by trained carers. We listen carefully and communicate openly and honestly, and provide clear, comprehensive and understandable information and advice. Insofar as is possible we involve the people and their families, HSE and carers in shared decision making about their care. We take account of people’s preferences and values. We maintain strict confidentiality of personal information.

We will:

  • Listen to you and make every effort to understand and respond to your needs.
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect.
  • Be open, honest and helpful.
  • Respond quickly to your requests for information or help.
  • Treat your complaints or feedback seriously.
  • Provide a service free from any illegal discrimination or harassment.

We will also:

  • Consult with the service users to provide a responsive and informed service.
  • Use fair, open and unbiased decision-making processes.
  • Admit our mistakes, learn from them and rectify them.

Our Service Standards

If you telephone us or contact us in person we will:


  • Answer you enquiries promptly during office hours.
  • Respond promptly to any request or message left on voice mail outside office hours.

If the information requested is not readily available we will respond to you within a reasonable amount of time, usually within five working days.  We will provide you with information that is accurate, easy to understand and helpful.

Continuity of Care

As far as practicable we will minimise changes in care staff, we will strive to have continuity of Home Care Assistant.  You have the right to request a change in Home Care Assistant and this will not jeopardise the service that we provide to you. Your request however must be reasonable, in accordance with our equal opportunities policy and within available resources.

Quality Assurance

NHCS is ISO9001 Quality Assured.

To ensure that the quality of service you receive is of the highest stand we will undertake monitoring spot check visits.

We operate a Protection of Vulnerable Adults and Care of the Elderly Policies and any alleged accusations of abuse will be treated seriously. This may involve engaging other relevant agencies.



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