I’m Natasha.


The experience of looking after my mother for a number of years encouraged me to formally train as a carer. Although we have a strong support network in my family and shared looking after my mother, I realised that many people do not have that kind of support.
I undertook FETAC Level 5 training and when I completed it earlier this year I started working in NHCS in February 2015.
Providing care to people who need it gives me a great sense of worth. Respecting peoples’ needs and engaging with them in a dignified manner is extremely important to me.
I love working for NHCS, I feel I’ve found my true calling.

I’m Megan.


I’ve been working with Northside Home Care Services since 2014. I studied Health Science in Colaiste Dhulaigh so that I could become a nurse. As I was also qualified to be a carer, I found Northside Home Care on line, and as it was close to where I live, I applied for a position as a carer. Since I started working with Northside Home Care I have gained insights into how difficult the work can be but also how rewarding it is as well. I get on very well with the clients and I know they like me. I have learned lots from the carers who have more experience than I have and from my Team Leader. I can use this experience to further my ambition to become a full-time, fully qualified nurse in the future. The position of carer has given me the opportunity to progress and I see myself progressing further. I really love the work I’m doing.

My name is Brian.


I have been employed with Northside Home Care Services since 2011. I was previously working as a wood machinist for seventeen years, when my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease I became very aware of the changing circumstances and needs of someone like him. I decided to go back and train myself by doing a FETEC level 5 in Healthcare Support. I’m now working in the local community and making a difference to people’s lives on day to day basis is a humbling and rewarding experience. I have developed my Career with Northside Home Services and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. I am now a Team Leader and I am completing FETAC Level 6 in Health Care Supervisory Management Skills.

My name is Josephine.


I’ve been working with NHCS since 2003. Back then, while sharing the caring for my mother with my family, I realised that I would like to make a career change and work in the area of providing care to those in need. When I made this change I definitely felt that I had made the right decision and have been working as a carer ever since.
I love my job, I find it a very rewarding occupation and I love meeting people. I’ve built up great relationships with my colleagues and especially with the NHCS clients over the years. They look forward to me visiting them.

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