After falling ill I required some help at home. While I was skeptical at first, my doubts soon disappeared as Lorna (my carer) quickly learned my likes and dislikes, she is now a key support in my everyday life.

Jackie L

When I was in hospital the doctor said I would need help to be able to come home. I was very reluctant to have anyone come into my home as I was always very independent. I felt everything would be taken away from me. But after meeting the carers it changed my mind. I love seeing the carers every day. They are fantastic. Without them I would not be able to live at home. They help me with my personal care and food preparation. They also help me with exercise e.g. walk me up and down the hall. I get great support from the carers and from the service.The doctors are very pleased with my progress. I look forward to seeing them every day.

Bridget McMenamin

My name is Phil and I have Multiple Sclerosis and am wheelchair bound. I have been blessed by the service of Northside Homecare Services for more than 21 years as they cared for my father before me.
The carers are wonderful people. The care, support and respect they provide to me on a daily basis knows no bounds. I require personal care and I constantly praise the work my carers as they have natural empathy in their roles. The carers are very respectful in any situation presented to them. I can’t recommend the Northside Homecare Services highly enough, because of their care and kindness I know I’m in safe hands.

Phil, Artane

When I became unwell due to a full knee replacement, I was at a loss to know what to do. The local Health Centre sent me carers from the Northside Home Care. It was the best thing that ever happened. They are very patient with me, very aware of my needs, even when I wasn’t aware of them myself. Two years later they are still caring for me and their diligence and care is second to none. I would recommend them highly as a caring organisation.

Fr Pat

Amy Fitzpatrick

I have been availing of the service for few years now. It has worked out great because when this smiling lady walked up the garden with the Team Leader, I was delighted to see it was Jenny as I knew her from a few years back. Jenny has been heaven sent because I’d be lost without her. She is kind, caring and even listens to me talking all the time about my love for wheelchair rugby. I must quiz her on the rules sometime soon! Jenny is not only my Carer, she is my friend and has become part of the family. My parents also have great respect and admiration for what she does. I would recommend the Northside Home Care Service to anyone in need of it, as it is wonderful and helpful and as a young woman, I was made feel at ease with having to avail of the service at a young age.

Amy Fitzpatrick

From my experience with carers from the Northside Home Care Services Ltd it is not just a job but a vocation, the way they tend people and look after their needs.
The system seems very well organised with cross phoning which enables them to cover emergencies without delay.
Helen who calls here is a very kind and helpful in every way.

F. Hickey