All our Carers appreciate that they are in a unique and privileged position in caring for an incapacitated person, someone who needs their help, kindness and support.

Role of the Health Care Assistant

At Northside Homecare Services we always take care to remember that our Carer’s role as a Health Care Assistant is invaluable to so many vulnerable people who need care in our community.

Our Carers may be the only person whom our Clients see or even speak to during any given week. A handshake, a cheerful face, words of affirmation or small acts of kindness can make such a difference to someone who is lonely, especially if they have been bereaved in recent times.

The role of Health Care Assistant makes such a difference to others if this simple approach is kept in mind as a Carer goes from person to person. We find that they achieve so much more job satisfaction when they bring joy and a sense of real caring into other people’s lives.

Before commencing work with the organisation all our staff must undergo the Garda Vetting Process and are cross reference-checked to ensure our standard of care is maintained by all staff. On commencement of employment all staff undergo a comprehensive induction programme.

In the initial stages of employment new carers will ‘shadow’ an experienced carer until all are satisfied with the standard of care and the relationship being developed between client and carer.

Responsibilities of Health Care Assistant

All of our staff has been trained to a minimum of Level 5 FETAC in Healthcare Services and has been furnished with a comprehensive list of responsibilities to guide them in their everyday work as Health Care Assistants.

Code of Conduct and Practice.

NHCS employees are bound by our strict code of conduct. Our Carers understand that having respect for our Clients, their fellow workers and for the company is most important if we are to continue to embrace a caring ethos. Employees must also adhere to a strict code of dress and carry with them their personal NHCS identity badge. Our staff wear their NHCS uniform at all times while they are caring for our clients. The uniform is navy and white, neat and functional and displays the NHCS logo clearly.